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VISITOR INFO: fan mail, requests, questions, comments, or concerns. we love hearing from you. you'll get a response within 72 hours. emails go to my google gmail inbox, and never shared with anyone. ever! i promise.

WEBMASTERS: link exchange? please read these guidelines first.

your site needs to be a quality wallpaper website, with minimal or no pop ups. being in the wallpaper and design business for over a decade, my visitors expect the best. your page rank must equal of what this website offers, of course some exceptions will apply depending on alexa, site first impression, how long you have been online, no pop ups, no non related ads on your site, no excessive nudity, etc.

a link exchange is just that, no matter the amount of visitors. no traffic trading programs or php linking. if you use a wallpaper script website, partners have a visible link on the main page, top friends in the top friends section.

we don't need site wide linking. just a main page direct link is fine.
our url is and is a direct link.
our title can be fantasy desktops or supermodel wallpapers.
i will respond within 72 hours, give or take. if not, check your bulk mail.


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